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ab_roland_gardens_03 dining room from kt

Solo Room Design Service

We introduced the solo room service, as not every client wants to remodel their whole home; some prefer a room by room approach. It means we develop your thoughts for an office space, or to refresh a spare bedroom, and create a package to suit and start when you are ready. 


It is a great way to create freshness, restore function and add joy quickly. Moreover, it is easy; we ask you to send 4-6 photos, some key dimensions and fill out our enquiry form. Let us know what the initial spark for the change was and what you want to achieve.

ab_grafton_low_res_10 rear aspect drawin

Solo Room Service prices start from £450 ex VAT for a single bedroom makeover or revamping a cloakroom, so click here to start decorating your room. (Excludes bathrooms and kitchens)

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