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Design Method

We maintain a simple style, talking during all the stages, as it is your home. And outline the linked steps below.

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We meet at your address, where I can view the space and discuss your plans, whether a house or a room for improvement. First impressions count, to perceive the current layout, hear your family needs, what you want to retain, your aspirations and other appreciable information. The more you reveal, the more we can develop practical, functional schemes and creative solutions to enhance your lifestyle.

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I carefully evaluate your comments from the initial visit before sending our fee proposal for your design option.


As you imagined, the design process starts with the main floor plan and the essential services such as the electrical and furniture layouts. With the bones in place, we add more details and fixed finishes, i.e. the joinery, bathroom fittings, flooring. These are measured steps to build connection, function and flow for a harmonious home. The product selection stage is always fun, choosing the fabric to transform your sofa, or a fabulous wallpaper for your bedroom and sourcing for the furniture, lighting and accessories.


I oversee the phases from concept, design detailing, sourcing, ordering products to deliveries while liaising with your team to sort out anomalies, maintain the timetables and deliver the new vision.

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